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About Australia

Australia is one of the best countries to apply for a permanent residence visa (PR). It has designed several categories of Visa to offer permanent residence to the candidates i.e.; Visa Subclass 189, Visa Subclass 190, etc.    To apply for these permanent residence visas, you must follow an immigration system based on points. Australia's points-based immigration system determines your eligibility for the PR visa according to the points you obtain by key selection factors, ie age, language proficiency, work experience, education, etc.

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Australia Permanent Residents benefits

Benefits of Permanent Residency - Australia

  • You can live & work in Australia indefinitely.
  • You are allowed to leave and enter Australia frequently within the initial five year period after it can be renewed, if you meet the criteria.
  • After spending the first years in the state of permanent residence, you can apply for citizenship.
  • Permanent residents enjoy many rights and privileges as well as Australian citizens, including access to free or subsidized health and legal services.
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Eligibility Criteria

Permanent Resident Visa requirements of Australia

As already said, Australia has a point-based immigration system. The process for obtaining Permanent Resident in Australia is a mix of online and offline activities. Let's first explore the key PR requirements of Australia

  • Organize Key Documents
  • Choose the Appropriate Visa

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Australia Subclass 189 Visa Service

Subclass 189

Work and live in Australia with this permanent resident work visa. Certain foreign-national skilled workers, who hold occupations on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List, may be eligible for a Subclass 189 visa.

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Australia Subclass 190 Visa Service

Subclass 190

The Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is a permanent residency skilled migration visa aimed at professionals already living and working in Victoria with skills that support Victoria's health response and economic recovery.

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Australia Subclass 489 Visa Service

Subclass 489

The 489 visa allows a person to work and live in a specified regional area of Australia for up to four years. It is a temporary visa which may allow you to apply for a permanent residency visa if you satisfy particular criteria.

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